QPRO is a new venture in the fast growing market of metal additive manufacturing which designs and produces parts by mean of Direct Metal Laser Sintering (DMLS) technology.

QPRO supports its Customers in developing new additive parts or re-engineering existent ones in additive manufacturing mode, to simulate operation performances, to produce     parts via DMLS technology, to test mechanical, physical and metallurgical characteristics thus accompanying the Customers till the series production.






QPRO S.r.l.


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24122 Bergamo                                                                    25082 Botticino (BS)                             

P.zza della Repubblica, 2                                                  Via Garibaldi, 40 

Cap.Soc. I.V. € 80.000                                                                Tel. +39 0302592204

P.IVA 03775500980